What Disney Taught Me

sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013

1) You`ll only die a forever alone if you want...love is everywhere.

2) Your hair sucks big time!

3) Women always have the last word.

4) Real Friends can be dragqueens!

5) Forests are the best place to find true love.

6) Guys are all the same!

7) Stalker rules don`t apply if you`re hot!

8) Girls have a lot to say!

9) You control shit about your life!

10) If you drink too much, you`re gonna lose your shoe!

11) The best way to express sadness is to throw yourself on the nearest object and sob.

12) Life is a big fat mess!

13) Jenna Marbles Knows Best!

Sources: Pinterest and Youtube

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